To Dekaraki

single variety grape marc spirit

Tsipouro to Dekaraki

«To Dekaraki» (the «Perfect 10») was «born» in Tirnavos and all the genuiness and rich tradition of the area blend in its bottle.

Τσίπουρο το Δεκαράκι

The area of Tirnavos is considered the homeland of Tsipouro. «Tsipouro of Tirnavos» is a protected by the European Union Geographical Indication, recognizing the fame and high quality of the product.

Distilled exclusively from muscat, the finest grape variety grown in Tirnavos, «to Dekaraki» excels all the characteristics that have made Tsipouro of Tirnavos famous.

Another element that makes «to Dekaraki» an exceptional spirit is the way it is distilled.

Distillation takes place in Greek traditional hand-made copper pot stills that are equipped with a multiple redistillation column, thus producing an unsurpassed quality spirit.

The result is a diamond-grade spirit with crystal clear texture and of exceptional flavor and aroma that contains 40% alcohol by volume.

A perfect 10 as its name implies!