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wine production and trade

Vasdavanos Winnery - Distillery

Οινοποιία - Αποσταγματοποιία Βασδαβάνου
Οινοποιία - Αποσταγματοποιία Βασδαβάνου


Vasdavanos Winery – Distillery with 60+ years of successful presence in the wine production, produces high quality wines and spirits that incorporate the aromas of a place that has been associated with wine production since antiquity.

There are distileries for the production of ouzo, as well as for the production of the local Thessalian drink, the well known Tsipouro.

Evolving its course in producing premium quality wines, the company created in 2019 a brand called Myles.


Vasdavanos winery - distillery presents the new high quality wines under the brand name Myles